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About Us

Kinect was founded in 2015 with the objective to make internet access fast, affordable and reliable for Papua New Guineans. We registered the company in 2016 with nothing in the bank but just a vision to solve the connectivity issues that has plagued most businesses in PNG.


We believe that data connectivity should be fast, affordable and reliable. We strongly adhere to this and thus use the acronym, "F.A.R" to summarize our vision and mission. We always believe in our customers and client can achieve the next-level in their business, embracing their goals and objectives and enabling them to go FAR and FURTHER.

We are determined to deliver cost-effective, customised data and internet solutions for the large multi-national corporations, small business running from home or just the simple internet user. 


Our technical team spent 2 years working on a network that would alleviate most if not all connectivity issues faced. The design considered accesibility, convienience and most importantly, cost and time to install. All the engineering and design is done by our team of experts, all here Papua New Guinea. And we're not done yet!

We want everyone to have access to the internet and the benefits that go along with it.


To be a fully integrated telecommunication solutions provider.


We are committed to making the internet

accessible to everyone.

Ensure that our customers get the best value for services.

To provide solutions to the highest quality and standard.


Provide fast and reliable telecommunication solutions at an affordable cost.

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