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What's Fixed Wireless?


Fixed wireless is a technology that enables people to connect their computer networks via radio waves from a fixed (stationary) location. Common fixed wireless technologies that you've probably heard of are Microwave and WiFi.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of the using fixed wireless which we will go through here.


  • Fixed wireless is easier to install and setup compared to wired connections, such as optic fiber and ADSL. If you have a roof, you can get fixed wireless.

  • Fixed wireless has flexible bandwidth options which means that a subscriber can increase or decrease their speed however they like. This makes fixed wireless a better option for businesses looking to scale up their operations in the future.

  • Fixed wireless does not encounter the issues faced by cabled networks such as cable vandalism. No wires, no worries.


  • Because fixed wireless tend to be stationary installations, you don't have the added benefit of being on the move like mobile (celluar) wireless.

  • Fixed wireless systems are generally Line-Of-Sight (LOS) installations. This means that in order to get connected, you need to actually see the tower from your location to be assured that you can get connected.

  • Security can be a concern as wireless signals can be intercepted by others having the same or similliar equipment. This had be abated in recent years due to increased security encryption methods deployed by wireless equipment manufacturers

What about Kinect?

Kinect has deployed 4G LTE fixed wireless system that combines the benefits of traditional fixed wireless systems and the security and mobility of LTE systems. The TELRAD equipment that we deploy also operates in non-Line-Of-Sight (nLOS) conditions, meaning that you don't necessarily need to see the tower to make it work.

If you want to find out and experience the benfits of fixed LTE wireless technology for your home or office, contact us at

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