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affordable and reliable internet. Everywhere. 

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Internet Plans

Unlimited Satellite Internet Packages

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Terms and Conditions

  • Terminal includes a 1.2m antenna, modem & transceiver

  • All monthly charges are tax inclusive.

  • Standard terms & conditions and fair usage policy apply.


Capped Satellite Packages

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Terms and Conditions



For Prepaid Gigabyte Plan, a 
subscriber is to pay for a chosen 
amount of data upfront, which can 
be used within a 1-month period, 
unused data to be forfeited.

After reaching quota of purchased 
Gigabytes per month, the 
subscriber will be charged for all 
excess Gigabytes consumed in the 
next  billing cycle at the rate of 
(US$ 3) per Gigabyte

All monthly charges are 
Tax Inclusive

Standard terms and conditions apply


Fibre-based Unlimited Internet

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Coverage Map

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